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Citizenship by Investment

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South Asian Immigration & Business Consultants Ltd.(SAIBCL) is one of the Best and Top Citizenship, Immigration, Real Estate, Residency, Visit Visa, and Work Permit Visa Services Providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

South Asian Immigration & Business Consultants Ltd.(SAIBCL) is the world leader in providing Global Resettlement Solutions, which is vouched by more than 3,800 people who have happily settled in their dream destinations like Canada, USA, UK, Denmark, Europe, Australia and Others.

Here, our expertise lies in offering complete support to client companies for meeting the recruitment and staffing needs in industries like Mechanical & Civil Construction, Offshore Industry, Petrochemical, Rig Crew and Shutdown projects, Oil & Gas industries. The package includes handling complete aspects of the profile from Sourcing, Selection, Short listing, Interviews, and Recruitment. Being totally committed towards establishing and maintaining a positive difference to client’s complete staffing needs, we as a leading headhunting and manpower recruitment firm are also recognized for providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse Corporate of all sizes having operations in India, Gulf, Europe, U.K, U.S.A as well as other parts of the globe.

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South Asian Immigration & Business Consultants Ltd.

Location: 10/7 Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Call Us: 01671063661, 019266839803

Helpline: 01778268241, 01778268242



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Global immigration consultant BD

Saibd is a leading global immigration consultant based in Bangladesh, specializing in providing expert guidance for individuals seeking to relocate internationally.  Saibd wants to make the complicated immigration process easier, so they offer a wide range of services to make sure that moving to a new country goes smoothly. Saibd’s experienced team knows how to get people into the country for work, school, or personal reasons. They can handle the complicated immigration process and find answers that work for each client. Saibd stands out as a trusted partner for people starting their global trip because they keep up with changing immigration policies and focus on their clients.

Immigration Information & Legal Aid

Saibd offers a wide range of Immigration Information and Legal Aid services to make sure that people get the help and advice they need to understand the complicated immigration process. Saibd’s committed team offers accurate information and legal help to make the immigration process go more smoothly. They are experts at making things easier. Saibd is a trusted source for people who want to move, and its dedication to giving accurate information and legal help makes it a useful partner in the immigration process. People who want to take advantage of global opportunities can count on Saibd for easy access to reliable help, whether they are looking for work, school, or personal reasons.

Specialization Saibd

Saibd focuses on making the complicated visa process easier by giving people information about it and giving them legal help. As experts in the field, Saibd helps people in a way that is unique to them, making sure they get correct information and legal support all the way through their visa process. Saibd’s service focus shows that they want to help people easily navigate the complicated process of immigration, whether they are going for work, school, or personal reasons. With a committed team and a focus on accessibility, Saibd stands out as a trustworthy partner that makes sure clients have all the tools and help they need for a smooth immigration process. That is why we are the best immigration consultant in Bangladesh



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