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The UAE is a key country in the Arabian Gulf and offers modern infrastructure, transport, and communications systems. The country is an excellent place in which to conduct business, with easy global access. Dubai is the second largest of the seven emirates and ranks as the UAE’s most important international city and financial and commercial center.

Flag of the United Arab Emirates

Investment: Minimum investment of AED 2 million (approximately USD 550,000)

Processing time: Over eight weeks

Key benefit: The right to live in any of the seven emirates of the UAE

Benefits of United Arab Emirates Residency by Investment:

  • Gateway to Africa and the Middle East, Asia, and Europe due to the country’s strategic geographic positioning
  • Safe, secure environment
  • High standard of services and good quality of life
  • Applicant’s spouse and unmarried children of any age may be added at no additional investment
  • Among the top 30 countries in the world for ease of doing business
  • Favorable tax regime for investors — with no personal income, capital, net worth, or withholding tax (except for those levied in the domestic banking and oil sectors), and several double-tax treaties in place
  • Good value from real estate investments
  • Streamlined, efficient residence permit system
  • Member state of the United Nations, the Gulf Co-operation Council, and the Arab League
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Procedures and time frame of residence by investment in United Arab Emirates

Applications for UAE residence must include completed application forms and should be accompanied by the appropriate fees and supporting documents. Golden Residence visas obtained are valid for 10 years and can be renewed thereafter. Residing outside the UAE does not nullify the visa.

Once the initial due diligence checks have been completed and the retainer paid, then the application for UAE residence can be submitted to the government.

Once the requirements have been fulfilled, pending initial approval of the application, the successful applicant receives a six-month multiple-entry visa and travels to the UAE to apply for an ID card and undergo a medical check. Thereafter, full approval is granted and the client receives the residence visa.

The processing time for the residence application takes over eight weeks.

Requirements of the United Arab Emirates Permanent Residence Program

There are numerous categories of beneficiaries for the UAE’s Golden Residence visa, including real estate investors who can obtain a 10-year renewable residence visa by purchasing one of the following:

  • A property worth a minimum of AED 2 million (approximately USD 550,000)
  • A property worth a minimum of AED 2 million (approximately USD 550,000) with a loan from specific local banks
  • One or more off-plan properties worth a minimum of AED 2 million (approximately USD 550,000) from approved local real estate companies